1. JJDoherty

    Designing & implementing a new skin...

    Hi all, I've done a search on this in the forum and I've been able to find bits and pieces here and in the Wiki, here and what I was wondering is, is there a single resource, post or location that I should concentrate on to get started with MP2 skin design and implementation? I don't want to be...
  2. B

    MP2 Christmas

    Anyone remember the MP1 Christmas skin with the (sadly missed) MePo man holding a TV aerial in the snow? Me too! Well it's getting to that time of year again and beginning to look a lot like Christmas... which gets me itching to theme my HTPC to fit the time of year. Does anyone who is handy...
  3. 2mad

    StreamedMP and MP 1.17.0 final

    Hey folks, I haven´t updated MP for some time (still using 1.12) and as I currently have some spare time, I thought it might be time to do so. Unfortunately the StreamedMP documentation only shows compatibility up to MP 1.15.x. Has anybody tried it with 1.17.0 final, yet?
  4. Goucho

    Plugin für WMC Fernbedienung

    Hallo Kollegen, hatte irgendwo gelesen, dass es ein Plugin geben soll, das die Nutzung einer WMC Fernbedienung im MP ermöglichen bzw. optimieren soll. Meine WMC Fernbedienung funzt bei einigen Operationen im WMC Skin ganz gut, aber bei weitem nicht bei allen. Habt Ihr einen Tip parat?
  5. Goucho

    Installation PlugIn und Skin

    Hallo Ihr Profis, lasse gerade WMC wg. Win10 hinter mir und bin hier absoluter Neueinsteiger. Bitte schreibt mir doch mal, wie ich einen PlugIn installieren kann, nachdem ich ihn runtergeladen habe. Wie wir er installiert, bzw. in welches Verzeichnis muss er kopiert werden? Habe nach der...
  6. fischy667

    [solved] StreamedMP and MP 1.16pre

    SOLVED: Patched Core.dll When you are using StreamedMP with MP 1.16pre, overlays are not working properly. See...
  7. ajs

    [solved] [Idea] Holiday/Celebration fanart in FH

    Add to FH properties like: - True/False <define>#useHolidayFanart:Yes</define> And XML file indicating holidays like: <holiday datebegin="" dateend="">Holiday1</holiday> <holiday datebegin=""...
  8. CyberSimian

    [solved] How Do I Get The Colours That I Want?

    Recently I have been making a few changes to the skin that I use. I have re-arranged some of the data on the screen, and that works OK. But I cannot get the skin engine to display the colours that I want. :cry: The skin ("DefaultWide" in MP 1.12) uses picture backgrounds, which I find make...
  9. ajs

    [solved] FanartHandler: Replace controls on a properties?

    @catavolt @wizard123 @sweborn @dlarge500 @ltfearme @powermarcel10 @Designers Replace controls: 91919297 - Random/Random Latests Fanart 1 Showed 91919298 - Random/Random Latests Fanart 2 Showed 91919299 - Random/Random Latests Fanart Available 91919291 - Selected Fanart 1 Showed 91919292 -...
  10. bta489

    [solved] Skin Expressions: Localized or empty string in iif-expression

    I'm trying to modify the Apollo-Skin. In the original skin some words are harcoded in plain english and I want to replace them with the localized version. But one inside an iif - Expression isn't cooperating. The line in question is something like this (I removed the working parts for clarity)...
  11. E

    GUIProgressListControl Development Process

    Hi guys. For many year I've been thinking about making list where each item will have progressbar on it. I'm going to use it in several plugins. So, first question: from what control new one should be inherited? 1) GUIListControl...
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