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December 19, 2005
When watching DVDs the fast-forward/-reverse are nice, but I'd like to be able to hit the "Play" key to instantly return to 1x speed. Instead, since the "Play" key is actually "Play/Pause", it pauses the movies, then hitting it again goes back to fast-forward.

Is there a key that will instantly jump from fast-forward (any speed) back to normal play?



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December 26, 2005
London, United Kingdom
TBH, the existing setup is not natural functionality at all IMHO. When fast-forwarding, you should should not have to "rewind" to return to normal speed. The natural presumption of the rewind key is that it rewinds, not reduces the play speed.

Reconfiguring the play/pause button to return to normal play during fast-forward or rewind would be an adequate solution.

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