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November 20, 2015
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Hi I'm anew user here, currently running mp on my home pc with a tuner card, I just love this plugin.

Anyhow to my request, after playing around and deleting some watch shows in mp, I realised the folder structure was still there only empty. So I was wondering if some provision could be made to delete empty folder while deleting inside mp. Could be hiracial. If you delete the episode maintain standard procedure and delete episode, if the season is deleted delete the season folder and contents, same with series title.

This could be made an option called something like "use heiracial deletion" with a checkbox and also a checkbox for confirm deletion could be linked to the same process to stop unwanted deletions.

"Are you sure you want to delete series "series name" please note this is irreversible. Y/N".


"Are you sure you want to delete season # of "series name" please note this is irreversible. Y/N".

Also I have found that when deleting stuff from within mo I can still play it, it only gets fully removed when I empty my recycle bin.

Thanks in advance.
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    Files getting placed in your recycle bin is an OS setting. Adjust your recycle bin properties to permanently delete them by default then.

    As for cleaning up empty folders, you could run a simple batch script at root folder level such as:

    @Echo Off
    attrib -a -r -s -h Thumbs.db /s >nul 2>&1
    echo REMOVING: Thumbs.db
    del /s Thumbs.db >nul 2>&1
    FOR /R %%i IN (.) DO (
         IF NOT "%~p0" == "%%~pni\" (
              rd "%%i" >nul 2>&1
              IF NOT EXIST "%%i" ( echo REMOVED: "%%~ni" )


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    November 20, 2015
    Australia Australia
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    For my first idea I thought it would give a more polished feel to the plugin.

    I could change my is settings, but that's a global setting and everything would be deleted permanently.

    I'm not a big user or fan of batch files as they can have some unintended results if not tested properly.

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