[solved] - Feature request: Store to and retreive IMDB IDs from movie files themselves

Discussion in 'Moving Pictures' started by makafre, September 25, 2015.

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    After several years of using Moving Pictures and having to manage thousands of movies with it, I think one of the nicest feature that could be added at this point, at least for my case, is the ability to 'permanently' store the IMDB ID that we have chosen when we first have imported the movie, this into either the movie filename itself, or its metadata.

    I understand that scrapers are good at finding the right info, but there are always cases with 'false positives' (wrong movie is chosen) or ones that we must manually configure (go on IMDB, search and copy the ID in the URL), etc.

    We can never rely on the importer and that is understandable because there are too many subtilities to implement a 100% effective importer.

    So this type of work, when we have a large collection of movies, literally takes days, this in making sure that all is fine such as verifying if it is the right description and cover art after it has been selected.

    I think having such a functionality, where IMDB ID would be 'commited' into the file would allow us to do things such as scraping an existing installation and reinstall it in a snap, this without having to deal with the internals (e.g. backing up a database, etc, etc).

    This would also allow to quickly recover from a SSD installation that goes dead whenever the files are located elsewhere on larger disks...

    I see it as a simple yes/no configuration option into the plugin configurator, for example:

    "Add IMDB ID at then end of your media filenames?".

    ...so when the import process takes place, it would automatically add a standard tag to the end of the movie filename such as:


    I think it would be much simpler this way than going with the metatag way as every file format is different (mkv,avi) and it would then be much harder to maintain.

    I am also giving IMDB as an example, but it can be any other reference as well such as AlloCine, etc.

    Please let me know what you think, in any case I hope I am not the only one with this problem ;)

    Thanks[DOUBLEPOST=1443145897][/DOUBLEPOST]That is called timing, just saw this thread from a couple of days ago:


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