Feature Request - Willing to pay money for: Double Playbackspeed for TV Recordings and Timeshift

Discussion in 'Watch / Listen Media' started by Airtrain, May 5, 2014.

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    I've recently switched from my very buggy Windows Media Center to MediaPortal (1.7 hotfix) and I like it a lot.
    I struggled for the past year(s) and after the latest problems with Win7 MCE (lossing EPG data, loosing program data, loosing recording schedules over and over again - and as our family IT expert, I was made responsible for the mess ;)), I've (we've) finally given in to the superior MediaPortal.

    But there is a crucial feature that I (or rather my wife) miss a lot:
    Double playback speed with pitch corrected audio for TV recordings and times-hifted live TV. My wife uses it extensively, especially when she wanted to catch up on some recorded programs (daily soaps) and other TV shows in the late evenings or on the weekends (she works a lot and very hard at the moment and has only very little free time). In Win7 MCE the sound was then set to Mono and was pitch corrected so it didn't sound squeeky, and for her type of content it suited her needs perfectly.

    So far, our workaround is, to open the .ts files in VLC. I even set in the MP Configurator to open .ts and .wtv (the Windows Media Center recording format) automatically in VLC as it has higher playback speeds. Automatic opening, however, seems just to work fine with our old .wtv recordings, but not with the .ts files (I need to look into it a bit more). - so my wife has to located and open them manually in Windows Explorer - not very WAG friendly ;)

    But this is not ideal, and obviously, it doesn't work for time-shifted live TV.

    I kindly request to implement this feature. A plugin that does the trick at least with recorded TV would also be fine. (time-shift double playback speed is a nice to have but not as crucial)

    I hate to say this, but I'm willing to pay a bounty (= actual Money €€€ $$$ £££) for a working solution, as it saves my wife (and ultimately me) a lot of time, pain and trouble. That's how desperate I am - and from other threads [1] [2] that I read on this forum (and also over at the xbmc board) I know, that this feature is wanted by some, but not a high prority by those who are able to program this.

    (MODERATORS: I hope and offer like this is allowed on the board and doesn't get me banned - if it is not allowed, please delete the bounty offer).
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