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July 19, 2008
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I have been reading through this with interest as I have just got an ipad. Whilst I notice ipad is not yet supported, I understand that the next version should be compatible however, I was looking for an update on features, most importantly, Movingpictures and My TV Series.

I used to have an android device and so had been using ampdroid which can display a list of the movies Mediaportal has access to along with full covers etc and had the ability to play the movie just by pressing play in ampdroid. The same feature was available for My TV Series.

My question: Will this feature (or similar) be available to CouchPotato?

Many Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to your reply. :D


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  • May 8, 2008
    Lake of Constance
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    Hi Iceman,

    I am working at integrating MP-Extended right now. This will let you browse your media collection in CouchPotato in the first step, in the second step it will also let you stream to the device. There are some things (connection handling and how it all fits into the existing app) that are really hard to figure out, but I hope to make some real progress during my vacation (which started yesterday ;)).

    Once that is in the next big thing will be to convert the app to an universal app so that it also looks really good on the iPad.

    There may also be some smaller updates inbetween to fix bugs or add some additional features, for example showing MediaPortal lists and dialogs on the phone (implemented on the wifiremote side by DieBagger).

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