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December 18, 2011
FileBot 4.7.2 is out! Get it here!

This bugfix release resolves a variety of regression issues and improves default behaviour.

• Improved auto-delete behaviour (use system trash, preserve hidden user files, etc)
• Improved multi-part movie auto-detection (i.e. {pi} will work better)
{plex} binding now forces Windows-compatible paths (e.g. strip colons)
• New MediaInfo bindings: {mediaTitle} and {bitdepth}
• New Info Object bindings: {id} (series/movie ID), {object} and {type}
• New Episode bindings: {sc} (season count) and {sy} (season years)
• Support for --action reflink (requires Linux and btrfs)
• Improved Windows 7/8/10 integration
• Improved logging and debugging options
• Lots of minor (and some more critical) bugfixes and enhancements
• Fixes for various regression issues

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