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September 30, 2007
Maybe I'm just to blind to sse, but I cant find a character search and/or replace function.

This is something I really need in order to get consistent naming into my tags. (e.g. feat. instead of ft. or featuring, " " instead of "_", etc.)

Also I did not find an option to control the handling of "forbidden" characters in file names.
They just always end up as "_". It would be very useful, if there was an option, where this could be overriden (like using "¿" as replacement for "?" or ";" instead of ":") rather than having the same "_" symbol for all of them.

I just switched to MPTagThat (previously using ID3_Tag_It) and this is just about the only things I currently miss within this great, great tagger.

I don't know if this is already possible and I just can't find it or if this should rather be a feature request/suggestion.


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    re: Find & Replace. this hasn't been implemented yet. but a good idea.
    I'll do it similar to the find / Replace you'll find in e.g. a word processing, showing the found string and with a possible "replace all" with no confirmation.

    there's also no config of forbidden chars. can be implemented as well.

    put all 2 things on my list

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