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  • July 19, 2008
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    I'm running MP1.0.2 on XP SP3 and GeForce 9400 IGP (and previously GeForce 8800 GTX, as well) w/ driver 190.62. Both of these setups required using the "Restart MediaPortal on resume" setup option to fix stuttering graphics after resuming from standby. With the StreamedMP skin, MPTVSeries and Moving Pictures plugins, resuming the HTPC and restarting MP would require about 35 seconds from pressing the power button.

    While experimenting with Mame, I noticed that trying to start any ROM - even a nonexistent one - and exiting (don't know if windowed or fullscreen mode would make any difference) would instantly fix MP stuttering when it wasn't restarted after resume. Then, I noticed that running dxdiag did exactly the same...

    Now, I have MP setup so that TV Server Power Scheduler is set to reinitialize the service on wakeup and run the following code (StandbyHandler.cmd):

    GOTO:%~1 2>NUL
    REM Commands to run when entering standby
    GOTO Common
    REM Commands to run when resuming the system
      start dxdiag /t nul:
    GOTO Common
    REM Common processing of preprocessed values
    REM End of batch file
    This setup brings the time to resume MP down to 15 seconds, and makes the experience of using MP much more pleasant. Maybe there's something in the Mame DirectX code that could be integrated directly into MP?

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