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February 25, 2008
Belgium Belgium
How does this work???

I just get a blank screen when I select this plugin. Just a favourite and all folders, which both tell me that there's nothing to load... the configuration doesn't seem to do anything, I can't add sites, I can't understand where should I go to watch the videos...


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June 1, 2007
Norway Norway
you have probably not placed the onlinevideosites.xml in the folder c:\documents and settings\all users\team mediaportal\mediaportal (or something like that..) Thats for Windows XP. On Vista there is another location, I believe


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January 11, 2007
im noticing that sometimes when i play a video from youtube if i hit stop it doesnt stop....kind of annoying when you think your going to watch a cool clip and its half retarded and long and you cant stop it.

Adam West

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August 14, 2008
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I had this working fine on my last install but now I get the sound and the green spinning circle. If I press red on the remote it goes to the video fine.
How do I get it working so I don't have to press red?
I'm running ffdshow tryouts with flv1 enabled and flv splitter

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