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December 6, 2011
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I currently have forced subitltes setup to play using LAV splitter. I use mkvmerge to mark the subtitle track I want as both default and forced. This works fine where I have downloaded a subtitle track in a txt format and added it into my mkv file (they appear as S_TXT in mkvmerge) However for subtitles that can have come straight from the origonal rip they dont (they are in S_HDMV format if memory serves me right).

Where I get really confused though is I am using the MPC-HC subtitle engine with LAV filters for this behaviour. However if I load up MPC-HC as an external player (again using LAV filters) then all subtitles default perfectly.

Finally I can also press f9 and select my subtitle track I want, and mediaportal loads it correctly. so it doesnt have a problem reading a track, just turning it on my default.

I believe this issue has only started occuring since I upgraded to 1.3.0 however I cant be 100% sure it worked on 1.2.

Has anyone else experienced something similar, or do people use a different method to handle forced subtitles I could try?

Thanks in advance

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