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January 23, 2021
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Hi there, I am looking to move from tvheadend to mediaportal (changing from Linux to windows server, when the new hardware arrives).
I use 2 X DVB-S2 tuners to record TV and play from multiple Kodi (LibraElec) RPI's in different rooms.
One thing I use of tvheadend is free text title based recordings, so I basically setup a recording on any channel at any time where the title program title contains a specific string of text. Very useful option for catching all airings of a specific program across multiple series (I select to not record duplicates based on episode number). Does Mediaportal have a similar feature?


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    I basically setup a recording on any channel at any time where the title program title contains a specific string of text.
    The base products (MP1, MP2, TV Server) do not support this. But there is a user-written plugin for TV Server called TvWishList that may do some or most of what you want. I say "may" because I have not used it myself. TvWishList is discussed in this thread (135 pages!).

    Note: the author of TvWishList has not visited this web site since October 2016, so I suspect that the plugin is now unsupported. However, it may still work.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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