Fresh Install - After a few runs of MP the skin layout changes? (1 Viewer)


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May 1, 2008
Went from the posters in the bottom middle of the screen with the titles in list view on the left side of the screen in white to a blue3wide looking view with bubly list view on the right? I closed mediaportal (forced), restarted it and it came up like this and i can't get it back.

i didn't change anything having to do with the skin or moving pictures or anything!

any idea?


The problem is in the MediaPortal.xml file at the end where the Skin is declared. If you don't do the configuration and load up MP with MovingPictures, it defaults to the "good.jpg" view. If you then go through and edit the config and the following ends up at the end:

<section name="skin">
<entry name="name">Blue3wide</entry>
<entry name="language">English (United States)</entry>

then you get the bad.jpg view.

is there a way to get the good.jpg view even if i have the blue3wide screen declared?

i'm also having problems when playing videos and not being able to use my keyboard for fast forwarding, etc. i can only right click and choose previous menu to exit, or i have to force quit. DOES NOT do it in My Videos, only MP.


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September 3, 2008
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Your "good.jpg" looks based on the 4x3 skin files... Which would result in bad screen anyway. Blue3wide has movingpictures skinfiles, so you're probable using those.
As for how and what and when. I can't tell from your post.


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May 1, 2008
that's it. it defaults to blue3 unless you config it to go to blue3wide, and since blue3wide had skin files, it was changing the layout.

now the only thing left is why i can't fast forward/rewind/stop when playing a video only with MP; works fine in My Videos. also doesn't work in mp-tvseries, though.


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April 12, 2009
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Hello !

I have the same problem:

- Fresh installation of Mediaportal 1.01
-install moving pictures 7.3
- Skin blue3wide is avtivated

Now when i go to Moving pictures, i have the same "bad picture view ".

What i have exactly to do/to configure, that ic get the good picture view with the normal blue3wide skin, or have i to install another skin for support this ?



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June 7, 2007
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You guys may want to take a look at my response over here. Basically one view is the generic skin and the other is the default Blue3Wide skin. You can switch back to the generic with a tiny bit of leg work if you want to.

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