[Bug] FullScreen TV not selectable when using Keyboard only from TV -> TV (1 Viewer)


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    When I use the skin WMC I see the following issue:

    Coming from TV -> TV

    upload_2017-8-10_9-44-19.png -> when TV is not runing and I select a program it start's with fullscrenn (as set in the TV settings)
    upload_2017-8-10_9-46-54.png When I get back (via ESC) and select another channel it will switch in the Background but I can't bring it to fullscreen.

    upload_2017-8-10_9-48-20.png -> upload_2017-8-10_9-48-52.png .

    As you see there are no playercontrols visible. But when I use the mouse the playercontrols are there and I can switch to fullscreen.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    TV -> TV - Select channel - TV switches on and Fullscreen -> back to TV -> select another channel -> no player controls / no Fullscreen with keyboard only


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    When I get back (via ESC) and select another channel it will switch in teh Background but I can't bring it to fullscreen.
    I think this is a navigation bug. IMHO selecting a channel in the Mini-Guide should switch to Fullscreen.

    Keeping the MiniEPG visible in any but the WMC skin while changing a channel is quite pointless since it is overlaying almost the complete TV screen.
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    Need to reproduce. In Wiki is stated how to switch to Fullscreen with remote: red key, keyboard might be also mentioned, but I'm not sure.


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    Red Button on the remote does of course do the job. My point though is that I could imagine to switch automatically back to full screen when you select another channel in the not-so-small miniGuide

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