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January 2, 2006
Hi there,

I have a 128mb MSI Geforce fx5200 low profile graphics card in my computer. Unfortunately when Media Portal wakes up out of standby be this of its own volition, for recording purposes or because I have woken it up, it only seems to give me a display intermittently.

It is only connected to a tv via its s-video out. There is no monitor connected. Originally I would mostly get a display as long as the tv was switched to the correct AV channel to display its s-video in. Otherwise I would just get a black screen which is slightly illuminated suggesting there is some kind of signal (if that makes any sense).

Now, if i want to get a display I have to turn the computer of at the plug and restart it.

I tend to watch tv with a freeview box anyway and when media portal wakes up for recording, it works as normal then goes back to sleep, just with no display.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or does anyone know where I might go about getting it sorted.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind Regards


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January 6, 2006
Im getting a blann/black screen from my FX5200 when full screen. Preview window for tv is fine, but when I go full screen I get blacked out.. Audio still there, just no Picture.

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