Genius Luxemate 810 wireless media keyboard & analog tuner cards for MP (1 Viewer)


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April 17, 2009
I'm looking into buying this wireless keyboard with built in mouse and multimedia stuff:

Genius Luxemate 810 Media Cruiser
Genius Europe GmbH

Anyone know if it works ok with Media Portal? To be honest, as long as it works as a keyboard and a mouse I'm done.

Also I'm looking for a TV Tuner card, but all I can find here seems to be cheap stuff with the Phillips SAA7133 chip...Software too.

That is, either the Kworld Plus TV, Encore or Pinnacle 110i or 50i. Maybe Genius Tvgo A12 (?). I can't find anything else here.

The Kworld Plus TV PCI 7134se seems to have a 7134 chip. Is that better than the chip on the Pinnacle then?

Do these actually work with MP? I honestly won't be recording stuff or timeshifting, just using it to watch live tv. Maybe use the EPG features, that would be cool. Just tv will work (I don't watch it that much, but I feel my HTPC is not complete without it).

Also, there's these external tv tuners which can be used without the PC. Are those any good to use with MP at all? What about regular usb versions of the tuners? Are they the same?

Please help me choose the tv tuner. It seems to be very difficult to make it work with

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