Get a RTSP stream for VLC, the TvServer should start streaming a channel automaticly (1 Viewer)


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  • June 17, 2007
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    Hi i need a way that the tvserver starts a defined channel stream and multiple VLC (or mediaplayer?) clients should receive this stream (multicast?).

    i have now tryed whith my own setup at home:

    1. started a channel on mp
    2. checked the streaming.log > 01-04-2009 22:40:47 Stream server: url for stream is rtsp://
    3 opened vlc and entered in the advanced open menu for rtsp stream: rtsp://

    after a few seconds comes a error message that the stream can not be opened :confused:

    is there a actual problem with streaming in the actual svn?

    its no firewall active on the server and the client


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