Get MePo 1.8Final to use external player for 3D Bluray ISO


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February 9, 2010
Hello and I hope I can find some resolution to this.

I currently am running MePo 1.8final with the MB3 plugin for movies. That works great for all of my DVD and Bluray MKV rips.

In order to keep it separate I also had some material under videos in MePo that is PIN protected to keep kids out of it.

There in lies the issue now I have introduced 3D Bluray ISO into the mix, and that needs an external player, I have successfully gotten TMT6 to work with Virtual Clone drive to mount and launch the bluray.

However I will still like to use the internal player for the other material as it works better and looks better for the DVD material being played that TMT6.

No matter what combination of settings I could not get that to work.


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    So to be clear, do you have any other ISOs or images of some kind amongst the other material and DVDs?
    If so, you're probably pushing up against a MediaPortal limitation. There is currently only one external player configuration to cover Blu-Rays, DVDs and image files, so Blu-Rays, DVDs and image files must be played with the same player (ie. either internal or external).

    Change may be coming as discussed here:

    Still a work in progress it seems...



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    February 9, 2010

    No the only ISO's I have are 3D bluray, all other files are DVD rips with Menus and Bluray and DVD MKV rips. All of the Blurays and DVD MKV's are handled by the MB3 plugin properly. But the DVD's I have ripped with full menus I would like to play with the internal MePo player, and only launch TMT for the 3D blurays. I am unable to get this to work. It will launch the full DVD's with TMT also and for some reason it doesn't look good at all.

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