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I am trying to use PowerDVD 6 as my external player.
However the guys from Cyberlink tell me that it cant be launched from a command line

Therefore, how do I get PowerDVD to play the file selected in "my videos"?
MP suggests that its should work something like this-
c:\program files\cyberlink\powerdvd\powedvd.exe %filename%

Unfortunately by doing this powerDVD runs but it doesnt start playing the file I select in "my videos"

any ideas??


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October 11, 2005
No TV with Power DVD 6

Happy New Year!
I recently installed Power DVD 6 and something in the setup has caused the video of the MP-TV feature to be blank, there is proper audio though.
The same applies to recorded shows.
I had noticed that the same happened with previous versions of PowerDVD if they were running concurently with MP, but when I shut them down, TV-video was visible. Now it seems it has installed some memory resident program that is always on and hence causing this problem.

Any ideas?


PS do you think this might also have something to do with my recent upgrade to RC2?


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  • September 28, 2004

    I'm using powerdvd6 codecs with mp.
    Here is what i have done.

    1. Install powerdvd
    2. Make sure it works ok for you setup in general
    3. Open mediaportal setup aplication
    4. Select dvd section
    5. Select codecs section
    6. Set video codec to Powerdvd
    7. Set audio codec to Powerdvd
    8. Set DVD navigator to powerdvd

    Audio settings you need to configure from registry atm.

    Good explanation about registry settings from MrMario64 can be found at general development area.

    By using powerdvd codecs and navigator i currently have excelent dvd playback with MP. No external player needed.


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