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I have a VisionPlus DVB-T card and have been waiting and waiting and waiting for DVB support to be included in MediaPortal. It seems like forever. Geez, you'd think these guys were doing it in their spare time and not getting paid! :)

Anyway, here is what I've done to get "good enough for a while" DVB support in MediaPortal.

1. MediaPortal (duh)
2. Spectrum's Visionplus DVB Drivers
3. Webscheduler (
4. Some sort of mpg muxer for Websceduler (see above forum)
5. DVB version of Digiwatch - get the one right at the end of the thread (

Configure MediaPortal
1. Use the MyPrograms plug-in to add:
a) add a new program group
- Title: Digital TV
- Startup using ShellExecute - check
b) a files under the new program group
- point one to "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -k ""
- point another one to DigitalWatch

Finishing touches
Looks nice if you change the background of Webscheduler to the same background as mediaportal. You need to change it in the "C:\Program Files\WebScheduler\http\css\kb.css" and "C:\Program Files\WebScheduler\http\css\kb-epg.css"

Now you have a EPG and live TV through the "My Programs" plug-in.

Yeh, its a hack, but hopefully its not for too long :)



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November 26, 2004
hey really nice idea :) as i own a dvb-s (twinhan) this isnt really what will work for me but i would be able to integrate the manufactors dvb soft to watch tv. i had to know before ... :)



thanks a lot. i got my MP with ProgDVB working that way;)

now i'm waiting DVB-S support to MP or another possibility to add some kind of shortcut to home. i'd like to see in first list movies, music, weather etc, and also a link to DVB or may i say user created shortcut?


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April 21, 2005
benji said:
Geez, you'd think these guys were doing it in their spare time and not getting paid! :)

Check out the companys expensive BTV, they are damn slow to get anything done even though they were some of the first to make a "HTPC" friehdly PVR. They are just making their product less and less attractive for every one out side the U.S. and Canada!
And there are hardly any plug ins for BTV!

I've found out that the PVRs made my voulentiers are the best making PVR programs!


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