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I wanted to use mediaportal because i liked the gui

Have been using myHTPC and GBPVR in combination, and it worked just fine.
After several days of fighting with this program I have given up.
No tv, channels can be searched and added, but no tv when starting the application.
such a shame
even xmltv wont work. It works fine for my GBPVR but I simply cant get it to work in MP

have tried both the 0.2.0 RC1 and 0.1.3 with the same results.
System is Win XP sp2, 512MB ram ATI radeon 96xx 128MB 1.3TB harddisk
TV hardware is Hauppage PVR 250, drivers are working with GBPVR. Disabled GBPVR software before installing and seting up MP

Any body experinced this?


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    eddie_eagle said:
    Any body experinced this?
    Nope - but since you have already declared that you have "Given Up on MP", is there any point trying to help you :?

    If you want to get MP working (and I encourage you to hang in there... :) ), could you please complete the Support Template and post your MediaPortal.log file.

    I am sure that the MP community will get you going quickly....

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