Guide : How to get DXVA working (in MP1.0.0.0 with MPC-HC Standalone) (1 Viewer)


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February 11, 2009
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There are quite a few outdated threads on this topic, and there's no Wiki article on it, so I figured I'd share my guide. If anybody has objections or corrections, please feel free:

What You'll Need:

- MediaPortal (MEDIAPORTAL - free media center - Home)
- Standalone filter "MPCVideoDec" from the MPC-Home Cinema site (
- FFDShow ( ffdshow)

What to do:
Step 1) Install FFDShow
1a) Go into the FFDShow config, disable the libavcodec for H.264 decoding (in CODECS)

Step 2) Install the Standalone MPCVideoDecoder
2a) Unzip the Standalone MPCVideoDec into a permanent folder
2b) from the command line in the folder where you extracted the file, run "regsvc32"

Step 3) Install MediaPortal
3a) Once it has installed, go into the MediaPortal Configuration, choose "Advanced mode"
3b) Expand "Videos" and click on "Video Player"
3c) For the H.264 video decoder choose "MPC-Video Decoder". (if this is not an option, go back to step 2)
3d) For the Audio Decoder, choose "ffdshow Audio Decoder" (not 100% necessary, but can be helpful)
3e) Everything should be at it's default setting (for MP

To Confirm DXVA is functioning (Step 3d required):
1) Go into the MediaPortal Configuration, select GENERAL, Uncheck "Start MediaPortal in full screen mode", Click OK
2) Start MediaPortal, play a H.264 movie in the window
3) When the movie starts, the FFdshow icon should come up in the system tray (beside the clock).
4) Right Click on the FFdshow icon, then on "MPC - Video Decoder". In this window it should show "DXVA settings" at the bottom of the window - this should read something like "H.264 bitstream decoder, no FGT [Video Card Model]" if it's working properly.


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December 22, 2008
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Note that this will only work for compliant h.264 files. For HD it needs to be profile 4.1 (although many DxVA-capable codecs appear to be supporting profile 5.1 these days too - I think MPC-HC is doing this) and it must not have too many reference frames (for 1080p content that's no more than 5 IIRC).


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March 4, 2008
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How does FFDShow with this guide work with subtitles. Is mediafile with a subtitle (internal/external) still using DXVA?

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