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I'm interested in contributing to the MediaPortal project and was wondering if there was any guidelines in place for how to submit fixes, plugins, etc.

I was toying with the idea of writing my own HTPC application until I ran across MediaPortal and would like to contribute where/when I can.

By the way, has anyone considered using SVG for the skins engine rather than dealing with the scaling of images. I know it would be more difficult for people to generate skins but the scriptability and smooth rendering of SVG would be an asset for an HTPC application (IMHO).


P.S. My background is about 4 years of OpenGL/DirectX driver and game development with about 4 years of Java server developement (with lots of XML, XSL, XSD thrown in).


You can submit your code via patch in SourceForge. Once you submit a few, CVS access can be given to you. This is just to test your commitment in the project... I started that way and now I'm part of the dev. team! Frodo is the man so, you can contact him as well. You can join us at #MediaPortal in EFnet to chat!


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I've made a few changes I wanted in the MovieDatabase's IMDB search.

This is the first time i'm doing this, and I have a few questions. How should I post them? Just send all the files I changed? Should they be zipped? Should anything else be included? How much information is needed? Or doesn't it matter?

This thread needs a bit of an update..


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