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  • October 5, 2004
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    At first, i am not yet listening to dts or ac3 files. But i thought about how to handle tags for movie files and find the matroska container. It is using the extension mkv for video files. And it supports audio-only-files, too. These will get the extension mka.

    Here you will find matroska's homepage http://www.matroska.org and here are some tag specific information http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/index.html .

    This could be a standalone improvement: "support reading of matroska tags", but i think it is yet another solution for your problems with tag support for dts and ac3 files. If the one with the id3v1 and ape is working, too, it is fine and ok. Then i think it is good to implement it, even if it is a "hack". (, isn't it? :p )


    EDIT: Helmut, :D for your hard work. :D


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    November 4, 2006
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    I am now researching a way to rip and store multichannel audio from music DVDs. I want to keep it in original quality (ac3, dts), properly tag it and do it with minimal effort.

    Both ac3 and dts formats do not support tags. So far I have been using foobar2000, that can play these files with proper plugins and for tagging uses its internal database. However these tags are not available to other applications such is MediaPortal.

    So I was thinking about ripping to matroska mka container. Here is a HydrogenAudio post describing, how to do it:


    In short you rip the audio into one big ac3 or dts file (DVDDecrypter - IFO mode), mux it to mka (mkvmerge GUI) add chapters (extracted with ChapterXtractor) and tags (Foobar2000).

    So only problem is, that MediaPortal Music engine does not support matroska container.



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    November 24, 2006
    My Findings

    Believe it or not you are not the only one with an addiction to surround music. I have over 100 CDs that are in DTSWAV format that I have transcoded into a Padded DTS File.

    I can trick Media Player 11 to play the file by renaming it to wma. As long as you have AC3Filter installed you can play the files just fine over SPDIF. I have recently got the batch process in place to encode the files in Multi-Channel WMA. Since this is an authentic WMA you can store all TAG information in the file (including Cover Art). This is great so you don't have to rely on the Database.

    Challenge for me is the same. The BASS Engine Player works fantastic in Media Portal. It can play Lossless (Stereo) WMA files just fine. Multi-Channel WMA does not. The Internal Dshow Filter can play the file, but it doesn't play correctly in Media Portal (it plays fine in Windows Media Player 11 or Media Player Classic).

    I would love to have the BASS Engine be able to play AC3, DTS, or MultiChannel WMA. With the increased production of MultiChannel Media (i.e. DVD-Audio, SACD, Dual-Disc, or Music Videos) having a player to play these files should be increasing.

    Any ideas?




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  • January 19, 2007
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    Have a look here.

    kenwonders has his DTSWAV included in FLAC files and uses BASS ASIO for playback.
    maybe you can try that.
    Hi, yes this is true. I have been playing DTS-CDs in Mediaportal for some time now, using the ASIO output for WinAMP. I'm delighted that hwahrmann has added ASIO as now I can get rid of WinAMP!

    The reason my FLAC system works is because it is niavely considering this stream to be a plain 2 channel WAV file. Mediaportal sends the raw data via ASIO/SPDIF to my surround amp where it gets turned into DTS output.

    I am not sure how you go about setting up to decode DTS inside the computer, nor do I know how to get around the other issue: some sound cards can only manage/output 48khz. My Philips (605 chip) card will never work despite having ASIO4ALL, because it resamples everything up to 48 internally.


    Is there anything new?

    I am trying to play my DTS-wav Files, but i only gee Noise. i Tried it with 100% Volume and DShow, but it doesn't helped. I have a sound reality control panel with ASIO Support.


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    April 28, 2007
    So is the BASS player able to play .dts and .ac3 files or not? The file types aren't even added and when I did add them, it refused to play them still.


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    April 28, 2007
    That is, playing .ac3 and .dts files in S/PDIF passthrough mode (not decoding them).
    I'm running MediaPortal-svn--06-01-2007--01-04-Rev14775.


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    April 28, 2007
    So what's the news? Is the BASS player supposed to be able to play .dts files?


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    October 17, 2006
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    Been keeping an eye on this thread so gave this a try last night and after some messing about I now have .dts music playing via BASS.

    I have a on board realtek ALC883 sound chip using driver version, ASIOALL V2,8 Beta 2 and using SVN 14871, AISOALL buffer set to max but works fine with any setting, just make sure volume is set to 100%

    Have very little DTS music, couple of albums as .wav and one as .dts so not a great test but those I do have play ok (and sound great).

    Output is via S/PDIF and is decoded by the amp....DTS indicator is on so know it is decoding the stream.

    Only real problem is one they start to play you have to leave MP well alone, any GUI access halts the stream for a sec.

    Update: The halting stream was due to having 'Enable GUI Sound Effects' enabled in MP Setup, disable it and all is fine.


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