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July 25, 2005
Yep....more questions.

I read here somewhere a comment that said one should have a separate HD to record to. Would it pay to have a separate HD for each tuner?

Can the HD's handle being recorded to and watched from at the same time (from two tuners at once?) (I guess that's what timeshifting is?), or should one copy recorded shows to another drive and watch it from there. (I saw one system here the guy had about six or seven drives for various things)

What about timeshifting? How does that affect the HD - especially when recording to it with two or three tuners?

I rarely watch anything in realtime - so timeshifting would be something new for me - a good thing I think. I tape everything, cycling through about 50 VHS tapes, so a HTPC with huge storage has to be a major buzz, but I don't want to introduce stuttering, or freaking video, or anything like that where system resources affect the outcome (something you never get with separate VCR's or tape and standalone players)

You'll see I have a post in about what type of spec to go forin a HTPC.

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    A boot drive and a recordings drive would more more of a luxary but more than that is overkill. At one stage the devs had a pc recording 7 shows at once without having anything that drastic.

    I can watch a recorded show and record another at the same time (dvb) without any problems. Considering harddrives are good for 30mb/sec and over, 6MB/sec video is not realy a challenge.

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