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November 11, 2005
Orléans, France
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Dear all,

First of all, i must thank you for this amazing piece of software and the very hard work you put on it.

I am a new mediaportal user and i have set it up on a new computer with a fresh winxp install. I have read a few things on the forums and the wiki and manged to get my TV works for DVB-T Channels.
At the mement, i mainly use My TV. It worked just fine with the mouse and keyboard until the moment i decided to give a try to the remote that was shipped with the tv board.

The bug :
1) Launch mediaportal in fullscreen
2) Press My TV on the remote

Sometimes it will work, but most of the time, Mediaportal display freezes. I mean that the my tv screen shows up, but any further action wont change anything on the screen. The TV box is black and no sound is played. Mediaportal is still runiing, since i can hear the ticks when i press a key on the remote. If y press the green key of the remote, MP seems to exit normally and the windows desktop comes back. But when i restart mp, the remote no longer works .... i have to reboot the computer. Also i have noticed that when these problems appears, the HCWHelper process doesn't exit. Killing this process doesn't solve the provblem, i mus reboot the computer. The remote works since i have no problem with the ir appli from hauppauge.

I have some other problems with the remote when using for example the red button (fullscreen). It sometimes leads to the same situation as the My TV Button.

I have tried to quick reinstall mp and the tvboard on another computer, i have had the same results.

I know that rc2 is a test release, but i wanted you to know about these problems since i haven't find a post describing this.

Finally, i have a little request concerning the way the remote works :
When i hit a key, it sometimes repeat because i kept it pressed to long. Of course i can change the repeat delay in the setup, but it's then to slow when i need to browse lists.
What would be perfect is a repeat function that repeats quickly after 0.5s for example.

Once again thanks a lot for your work !

Area: Media Portal Program / Plugins / My TV
MP Version: 0.2 RC 2
Skin: Blue Two
Windows Version: XP SP2
CPU Type: AMD 2500+ no overclock
Memory: 512 DDR400
Motherboard Chipset: Asrock VT4A Pro (VIA KT400A)
Video Card: Mediamax ATI RADEON 9550 128MO 64Bits AGP
Video Card Driver: Latest Standard ATI Catalyst
Video Card Resolution: 800*600
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Intervideo
Audio Codec Type & Version: ?
TV Card: Hybrid / Hauppauge HVR 1300
TV Card Type: hardware / DVB
TV Card Driver: Latest official from hauppauge.fr (2.1)
Optional Log:
Optional References:

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