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July 12, 2013
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I bought the colossus capturecard and can use it successfully with windows media center and can control my cable box thru the bundled hauppauge software. However mediaportal does not think I have the IR drivers installed. It says this when I got the MP configuration and try to check off the use hauppauge remote option.

Then I put on the IR server configuration suite, and it seems to autodetect some remote types but does not translate to remote control of media portal.

I feel theres somethings obvious I'm missing but I cant find any clues in the forums, so it must be really obvious :).

What step am I missing?


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    Your specific question and problems are unclear and you have not exactly described what setup options you have tried. Controlling a cable box uses the IR blaster controlling MP uses the IR receiver+remote. You might get more useful responses if you can be more specific and eloquent.
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