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November 23, 2005
Ive got the hauppauge pvr 350 card and it hink its the 45 button remote and everything works ok except when i try to type in the channel number i want to go to it takes me to the channel 1 or 2 higher. has anyone else had this problem


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  • April 27, 2004
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    hopefully i did unstand this right. This is part of the "unlogical channel numbering" here in europe. ;)

    An example, you have a list of channels in MP.

    1) channel 1
    2) channel 2
    3) channel 4
    4) channel 5
    5) channel 7

    If you type 4 MP switches to channel entry number 4, which is "channel 5"! Typing 5 will lead you to "channel 7".

    If you want to have "logical" numbering. You have to do some work around, by adding "dummy" channels in the MP channel config.

    1) channel 1
    2) channel 2
    3) channel 3 (dummy)
    4) channel 4
    5) channel 5
    6) channel 6 (dummy)
    7) channel 7

    To skip these dummy channels when using CH+ / CH- you have to make a channel group with all the "real" channel. If you do not want the dummy channels to show up in the EPG, untick the checkbox in Setup->Television->Channels.

    HTH, Flip.

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