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April 2, 2005
Wasn't sure if this is where i should put this or not, but it may be helpful for all use X-Mystique Owners.

to get full 5.1 regardless of what your watching do the following.

1. Install the latest drivers from blue-gears (the north american company distrubting this amazing sound card)

2. Set the 5.1 upmix setting in the driver control panel (see picture)


if you hook this up to a dolby digital reciver or compatible computer speakers using a fiberoptical cable you should get 5.1 audio for TV, Music, AVI files etc. as the card will upmix any source from a windows player to 5.1 audio.

3. when installing media portal make sure to install the ffdshow filter.

4. configure the dvd section in the media portal setup to use the ffdshow filter as the audio codec.

5. now configure the ffdshow filters audio settings for ac3 to use spdif. doing this will pass the already encoded 5.1 audio from a DVD to your decoder.

6. for the rest of the settings like music, etc tell it to use the Soundcard or configure the ffdshow filter for the other sound formats to use the soundcard. if it's set tonpassthrough then you will only get stereo sound not 5.1.

finally just as a heads up on this card. as with any spdif enabled connector, including video games unless you have a card like this that can upmix the sound to 5.1 you won't be able to get it with a otslink fiberoptic cable as the sound sources aren't encoded in the ac3 format.

I hope this helps any owners of this otherwise awesome card.


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  • December 7, 2004
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    FFDShow isnt needed at all (dont like the thing myself), all you need to do is grab yourself an mpeg2 codec capable of passing ac3 (intervideo, nvidia etc) and a copy of AVI <-> AC3/DTS Filter from sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=82303&package_id=84797 allows avi files to connect their ac3 outputs directly to your mpeg2 audio codec filters). The rest of the non-ac3 sources will be encoded automatically.

    Edit: And this should be in Tips + Tricks really.


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    April 2, 2005
    ahh thanks, the reason i use ffdshow is that i personally find it easier to use than other codecs such as itnervideo or cyberlink. but to each their own eh.

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