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January 5, 2010

Have spent a few days reading up on this.
I have a Nvidia GT210 card with dvi and HDMI outputs. My Sony Bravia TV has VGA + stereo jack input AND HDMI input.
Before I bought the card, I ran VGA from PC to TV and stereo to stereo, which meant I could change volume and get decent res.

With the new card, I already had HDMI cable so I connected the PC to the TV via HDMI-HDMI. Picture is great, and audio comes through.

The issue is that the VOLUME IS FIXED to the PC (and hence to MP) - I can only change via the TV remote. This may seem trivial - but I hate to have to carry two remotes where ever I go to watch.

According to Mr Google et al. the TV reports to the PC that the audio is being handled (by the TV via HDMI) and so PC sound control is disabled - AND the jack to jack no longer works - and this is expected behaviour.

NVIDIA gfx card control pannel has a "disable audio" setting in the HDMI settings, but when I do this, the jack to jack does not work - despite me setting default sound device to be Realtek (stereo jack).

Is there a way to disable audio of the HDMI connection and get the PC to use jacks?

I suppose I could go and buy a DVI to VGA cable ($$) and then use the jack to jack for sound.
Or is there another way?




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    I suppose I could go and buy a DVI to VGA cable ($$) and then use the jack to jack for sound.
    Or is there another way?
    I'm pretty sure that it is possible to disable sound through HDMI in Start/Control Panel/Hardware and sound/Sound/Manage Audio
    Device/Playback Tab (look for HDMI).

    I would think that (if you cannot get anything else to work) a HDMI - > DVI converter is what you would want. You don't wanna go VGA again :)


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    Nvidia HDMI outputs can set to send audio or not...choose not!

    then run ur audio jack to ur tv...u will be able to control audio that way


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    ...and if it's not possible to disable it via software, disable the hardware in the control panel. You hopefully will find a hardware called something like "nvidia high definition audio output". If you disable it, it won't be used.




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    January 5, 2010
    Hi guys,

    thanks for you answers - I have fixed it now - I was being rather dumb.:oops:

    Having HDMI audio enabled via the NVIDIA driver DOES prevent PC volume control - but the NVIDIA driver DOES allow you to disable audio - thus re-enabling the analogue sound device and enabling volume control.

    But I had tried disabling the HDMI audio before and the analogue sound had not worked (using jack to jack)- well the reason was that the stereo jack input to the TV was in the wrong input - it was paired with the VGA input for the "PC" connection. So thats why the sound appeared to not be working from the jack. Looking at the back of the TV , the "HDMI" input does allow separate audio inputs (the normal red/white audio ones) - so the solution is to disable HDMI audio via the NVIDIA driver and use a stereo Jack to Audio IN.

    Sorry about that - at least I have learned a few things.

    Kind regards


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