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December 5, 2008
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I hope somebody has had this problem or just direct me. I was using RC1 up until the Final release and found that after installation it will not accept my screen size of the TV or Dolby digital signal. I first did it the way it was suggested by backing up the files and the installing the new version. After updating my database it had issues with my video and audio. I went in an configured everything and it was all OK but still nothing right to it was before. I reverted back to RC1 and still with the same issue. So I decided to start the slate clean and wipe our everything no backup data nothing just a clean slate and install Final version of 1 back on. After a little configuration and such still no joy :( Anybody else experienced this problem and was able to solve it. I am getting frustrated with it. Just so everybody knows I only use it to watch movies nothing else. No TV, no music, no pictures, just for watching films...

My friend said I should go to XMBC but I like this software so much better. I am convinced this is the better software but I am at my wits end. Plus my wife likes this software much better than XMBC.


MediaPortal Version: RC 1
Windows Version: Vista Business Ed 64bit- Reduced to run at 512MB of resources
CPU Type: AMD 3200+ 64bit
HDD: 1st 80Gb IDE Maxtor, 2nd 1Tb Western Digital Green drive
Memory: 1.5Gb
Motherboard: Asus 8KNE-Deluxe
Video Card: eVGA NVIDIA 5500, 256Mb AGP
Sound Card: On board audio
Sound Card AC3: Optical out
Sound Card Driver: Nvidia chipset
HTPC Case:
Remote: Logitech 720
TV: Samsung 67inch DLP
TV - HTPC Connection: DVI to HDMI

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