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February 11, 2006
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Hi Need a little help setting up the MCE remote to switch channels on Freeview Box.

I have Media Portal up and running (RC2) and it works well (Thanks guys), but have been unable to figure out how to use IRBlaster to switch channels on the Freeview box. I have tuners setup for local channels and using one of the composite inputs for the Freeview box, I have channels setup with the Freeview channel number but I cannot find anything relating to using these channel numbers to switch the Freeview box??
At the moment I have change channels manually after selecting the right channel in Media Portal ready for recording, not a real problem at the moment but it will be when I need to record mulitple freeview channels.
Maybe it's just me being thick !!

Setup :- AMD Athalon 64 3000+
Gigabyte GA-K8VT800M
512 Mb
200Gb Maxstor HD
Nvidia GEForce 6200
Hauppauge 500MCE twin tuner
MCE Remote + IRBlaster

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