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June 8, 2005
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Hi, I am new to MP and am in the process of setting up my first HTPC. I currently Have

512M Ram
1 x 200G & 1 x 160G Hard Drives
Accent HTPC Case with IMon

I have standard analog TV's (Pal Australia) and am looking for advice on:

Tuners - Is there any benefit in going for HD digital cards. What I am hoping for is DVD quality on the TV.

Video - Do I need a high end card to achieve DVD quality or are there configuration/resolution changes I can make to improve the screen picture with say a Radeon 7200. When I use the S-Video on the Radeon card to feed the TV the picture quality is not that good for pc use but is acceptable if I play a move with Power DVD, but still not DVD quality.

Sound - I will be connecting the sound through my existing Onkyo home theater amplifier but my wife wants microphone inputs for karaoke. The Mic I have has a full siize plug.

I look forward to the suggestions of the Forum.

Mick :lol:

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