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  • May 15, 2008
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    Hi guys,
    I've a few issues with subtitles and I'd like to have a few suggestions on how to set up things properly (if possible).
    Current video codecs are:

    - LAV Video for all formats (except HVEC using Lentoid), with DXVA native decoding
    - LAV Splitter Source
    - LAV Audio
    - MPAR as audio renderer
    - EVR as video renderer (not enough power to use MADVR)

    Subtitles are set not to autoload on both LAV Splitter and Subtitles section in Video config.

    Here is what happens with the various subtitles engine options in MP1.18:

    - MPC-HC: using this engine I've an issue with some files (anime rips) when displaying the songs karaoke subtitles (which are usually rich with animations and stylings), playback hangs and the only way to resume is skipping forward (typically to the end of the song) or force closing MP and restarting (making sure to skip the songs). The problem is that this happens even if subtitles are not currently displayed (autoload off, no subtitles selected). The same files play fine in MPC-HC using the internal subs filter. Tried with MP on both my PCs and the behaviour is consistent.

    - Vobsub: using VSFilter 2.41. Plays fine, performance on subtitles during songs is dreadful (flashing subtitles, out of sync). Not that I really care (I'm more interested in subs related to signs, don't really care about songs), but the main issue is that sometimes files do not start playing and stop immediately, while being marked as watched. In more details: I select the file, click play, after a quite long pause I get a black screen and immediately get back to MP interface with the file marked as fully watched. If you try for a few times (3-10, variable) play starts working again. On a side note: not sure if it is correct but to make VobSub work I've to select VSFilter also in postprocessing, otherwise it doesn't load.

    - FFDshow: using ffdshow-tryouts 1.3.4531 (32bit). Can't seem to make this work: I've tried also including it in post processing (both raw filter and subtitle filter) but subtitles are not displayed (the option of selecting subtitles do not even appear in context menu during video play, while the postprocessing submenu is there so FFDshow is being loaded). I've selected all option in the subtitles menu in FFDshow config. Not really sure how to make this work.:confused:

    - xySubfilter: can't use it since MADVR is beyond my system specs.:(

    - Disabled: well....videos play fine but of course no subtitles:whistle:

    Additional info: in the past I also tried xyVSFilter, it worked, performance was really nice but it interfered with MP OSD in fullscreen TV (see this thread intermittent - INFO button not functioning (not hardware issue)), plus it caused random CTDs so I ceased to use it.

    I do not have logs at the moment, but I tried looking at them and apparently no errors are logged.

    Do you have any suggestion on how to properly set up subtitles (for instance with FFDshow)? Are there other options I might try? I don't really care on having nice animated/stylish subs in songs, I just want to be able to use subs if needed (mainly for reading signs).

    Generally speaking: all the subtitles filters I've found seem not in development anymore (no updates in the last 2-3 years), is this really the state of the art?

    Thanks in advance for any idea!

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