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June 28, 2009
I've had this problem since I started using Media Portal, but it was solved by a plugin called "Mouse Hider" but it seems this is no longer compatible.

When my HTPC boots up, it logs in as a user (media) and starts media portal - then sits there like that all day with the mouse hidden, no problem.
The issue is, I manage it remotely via remote desktop connection as a different user (manager), so I don't have to disturb the other half when she's watching TV. However, when I logout from the remote session, and it switches back to the media portal user (media) the mouse cursor is visable infront of media portal and never disappears.

Is there a way to always hide the cursor when media portal is running? Or an update for the MouseHider plugin?
It seems media portal only hides the cursor as it starts, if something else makes it visable again after that, it's tough titties. :(


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