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Dutch forum ?

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First let me start by saying (for all the developers who stumble upon this): Great work ! Keep it up, you've made a product that easily beats windows MCE 2005 :D less recources needed, more flexibility and hardware support and look smooth too... hope MS is losing a lot of customers thanks to this :twisted:
Being here for a while and reading all the interresting topics i came to think:

There are probably more people like me, messing with the settings of MP and trying to make it work but just cant seem to get it right even though other people seem to manage fine with the same hardware...

Seeing how there are already some more dutch users here like myself and also some of you who also reside on tweakers ( know who you are , dont deny :D i thought i'd be a good idea ..

The main problem i have encountered is that i have a good general idea on how to work with the settings and codecs and stuff but i dont know the basics and the mechanics of what i'm doing so im just trying things like:
'hmm i havent had this setting yet, lets see if it works' :?

So .. if i - and other potential interrested users - could have some dutch forum i think a lot of things would be a lot clearer and easier to understand.

Another thing i'm thinking to do is to make some kind of dutch manual in which is described: - What hardware/software/codecs do you need. - how to install them and check your settings. - a step by step guide how to set up features like tvguide, folder icons, remote control, internetradio, etc ..
That way i can give my friends a cd with all the software and explanation they need to get a great HTPC :D

well ... i'll just wait and see what you all think of it ... :p


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December 14, 2004
My English is fine but a forum can be nice for people who are interested in Dutch tv settings, channelfrequencies, waether, newsfeeds and so on. Good idea..... but not because of the language.

Vriendelijke goet, Zendur


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September 20, 2004
somewhere in the bowels of Texas
or an Russian forum, or an Japanese forum, or an Turkish forum...

Instead, why don't you create an Media Portal fan/user web site and host your own forum? Forums on the main Media Portal site in different languages would get unruly.


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  • April 22, 2004
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    we won't make this forum a multi language one.
    But indead, why not host your own like the german and french one.

    zo is het , en het zal niet anders worden.....


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    January 8, 2005
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    that is great that you say that

    i have made a forum and website for the danish public
    and if you want you could add it on your main site like the german and french site

    the danish link are

    copy and paste freindly *LOL*

    and i hope other countries do the same just so that the media portal wil grow and knock out the MCE *lol*


    I see

    Thanks for the replies, so hosting my own forum it is then...

    Only problem is I have not done such a thing before so i guess i'm gonna have to do some reading :D ..
    If anyone would like to help/participate/take over (heh) that would be even better...

    Let me know if your interrested to help or PM me.


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    November 13, 2004
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    I think it´s a good idea, when solved problems will be post here again in englisch.

    Because i think for the most of use it´s easier to help out in there own language.




    Ik begin maar vast. Ben er van overtuigd dat een forum in het nederlands een heel goed idee is. Misschien is de volgende stap wel de site ook in het Nederlands met name de handleidingen

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