How do I add subtitles back into movies/programs that I have recorded (once I have edited them)? (1 Viewer)


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March 3, 2011
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I previously looked into the various free options for editing anything I recorded for keeping - i.e. editing all the padding and adverts out.

I struggled to find anything that did everything I wanted:

1. Was free.
2. Corrected any errors in the stream.
3. Preserved the subtitles.
4. Allowed frame accurate cutting.

Thus far, I have yet to find something that does all these things, in particular, some of the best free video editing software always strips out the subtitles.

However, I read on another forum that the best option is just to edit all the adverts out and then add the subtitles back in later using a different piece of software.

How easy/time consuming is this to do?

What I do not quite understand is how the subtitles stay synched with the video if you are cutting out the adverts yourself.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.



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