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March 28, 2008
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When I with Win 10 browse the network, I see "MediaPortal UPnP Renderer" and also my Plex Media Server. When I double click Plex, Windows Media Player starts up and I can browse the media. But when I double click "MediaPortal UPnP Renderer" only a dialog box come up that says some stuff, like:

Manufacturer: MediaPortal MEDIAPORTAL - a HTPC Media Center for free! - MEDIAPORTAL
Model: MediaPortal 2 server

If I click the link after Model I come to
Or from MP2 computer
That is an empty page

I tried to check Wiki and search the forum, but don't find clues. What should I do to get it working? I'm thinking about using a tablet och smartphone to watch movies from MP2. Or is there a Android app that works directly with MP2 (tried VLC on my phone, but only found Plex)?


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September 29, 2006
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I have exactly the same question.
It would be wonderful to serve the tv channels too (as dvbviewer does)


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    In General an UPnP (or DLNA) Chain contains three different things.

    1. The Server, this holds the media and transfers them to the target player.
    2. The Controller, this has all the navigation stuff on it. Normally what you may call a player, but that's not exact.
    3. The Renderer, this is the device that finally displays the video or plays the audio.

    2 and 3 are often combined into one tool like e.g. VLC player or Bubble UPnP or even Windows MediaPlayer or similar. An AVR with network connection most likely can navigate by itself to play the music you want. So it also is a controller and renderer combined. But more often you use a better tool with nicer GUI like e.g. BubbleUPnP as controller. You browse the media and start (stop, pause, ff, réw,... ) the playback on your phone and indeed it is played on your AVR and not your mobile device.

    What you see is "MediaPortal UPnP Renderer", not UPnP Server as you may think. This means, MediaPortal can be used as a renderer, a target for UPnP Playback. So you can play videos stored on a NAS with a running DLNA server on it, controlled with your phone and BubbleUPnP and play the video on your big TV powered by MediaPortal2 client. Opposite to many other DLNA renderer MP2 client can not act as a DLNA controller, only as a renderer.

    A MediaPortal 2 DLNA server to have access to all your media library and even LiveTV is a work in progress and probably will be included into the next "big" release (means MP 2.3). No promises as this is not an easy task to do... But the team is working on this right now.

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