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November 22, 2010
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I am seeing that the "Community Themes" supplied in this forum are subdirectories so that the original files are not needed to be edited. Is there any documentation describing how to start your own theme? Do these files just take precedence over the main files in the parent directory if it exists in the Themes folder?




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January 19, 2011
Trier, Germany
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I think with the new themes mechanism it is time to create my own skin/theme and to learn the xml structures.
For now a really long I'm thinking about creating my own skin but I never had nor will have the time to create a complete skin.
The themes feature could be my first step into the world of skinning. I really like the idea.

One think which I think is not so good in the Titan skin (which I really like) is the fact that there is no Movie-database view which uses the whole screen for posters and/or fanart. I think I'll change this with a theme. :)

Does anybody know if there are plans to add further view layout in some future MediaPortal versions? (not only list, small/large icons, cover flow)
From some other htpc applications know there are so many other possibilities. I would really like to think about other view-layouts but in fact there can be only four in every skin or am I wrong?

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