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March 3, 2011
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Hi there,

I am trying to get round to sorting out the mass of files on my server and was wondering how people deal with the renaming process.

I currently have a folder for "MP Recordings" (my default recording folder), one for "Series" (linked to MPTVSeries) and one for "Movies" (linked to Moving Pictures).

At the moment, I have the really laborious task of identifying invidividual episodes of a series in the "MP Recordings" folder, double clicking on the associated xml file to find out which season and episode it is, deleting the xml file and then renaming the file in the in the "nameofseries,SXEX" format.

I then have to drag the file from the "MP Recordings" folder to the "Series" folder.

This is a fantastically slow process and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to speed the process up.

My ideal program/plugin would automatically scan the "MP Recordings" folder and locate anything that was part of a series or movie. It would then rename the file in a format that was acceptable to MPTV Series or Moving Pictures.

It would then automatically send the file to either the "Series" or "Movies" folder.

Even better, it would update the associated XML file and move that too, so I can use TV Wishlist.

Is there anything out there that even remotely approaches being able to do this?

If not, how do you guys deal with keeping your files in order?




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  • April 1, 2010
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    Your 1st hurdle is the EPG - your UK based, so if you use Freeview (as I do) then you have problem!

    Example - "The Mimic" [Ch 4 other day] - from the XML, I could process out a TITLE, COMMENT & CHANNEL - no GENRE, no EPISODENAME, SERIESNUM or EPISODENUM data - nothing to tell me this is TV Show vs Film etc etc.

    Wizard of Oz - slightly more data, now have GENRE of "movie/drama" - but that may be just Film4 convention (testing this real time, and there are no movies playing on other channels:-<

    I have tried, but never had much luck with the Web EPG's, but for my need, the Freeview works, so never put much effort into either, so I think that is your 1st port of call - get the XML populated - then I'd write a script (but that's me:)

    Hopefully, with a standard & well populated XML, someone else will have a solution to your problem.

    Cheers - JCMP


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  • June 10, 2008
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    Both tv series and moving pictures are designed for downloaded / ripped content, rather than working with tv recordings.

    Have you tried this to introduce series + episode tags into the filename?

    ^ The requirement of the above is that the epg data you are using contains series + episode tags

    There are a number of scripts / programs that can monitor a directory and then move / rename files that appear there.

    Filebot has a number of scripting options.

    Sort out various movie and tv series files that are all in the same folder.

    1. Check each file and figure out whether it is a movie file or an episode file and handle it accordingly.
    2. Move / Rename according to the given movie or episode naming scheme.

    Even if there is very little information (e.g. movie name without year, series name and episode title without SxE or original airdate) this script will still work, except there is multiple options (e.g. Serenity.mkv => Serenity (2003), Serenity (2005), etc) in which case you may need to specify -non-strict.

    Code: Select all
    filebot -script fn:sortivo <folder> [-non-strict] [--output path/to/folder]

    Download Script:
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