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    If I wanted to use the BHME in another skin, is there a programming guide?

    Are there annotated xmls to study so I could grasp how each section works, and how the editor adds the menu items to Basic Home?

    What xmls are needed for the process?

    Is there a way to edit the label text to change the name used on the BH button?

    Can you add a label that doesn't have a hyperlink?

    How do you access the list of plugins and screens?

    What is the code for getting everything to fall into place?

    Thanks for any help.



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    Hi Chuck, in general it´s easy:
    All xmls named BasicHomeEditor.blabla.xml are the files needed.
    Here a short explanation of all the relevant files:
    • BasicHomeEditorDefines.xml: Here are all plugins listed with their (translated) names, their hyperlinks, their hover images etc. Here you may change labels or add plugins
    • BasicHomeEditor.xml: The GUI for cofiguring the items to be shown in main menus and submenus as well as the desired layout. This you may adapt to your needs regarding fonts, button textures etc.
    • BasicHomeEditor.main.calc.xml and BasicHomeEditor.sub.calc.xml: Here is the logic (calculation) for the placement of the items in main menus and submenus. These files must not be changed!
    • BasicHomeEditor.main.Carousel.xml and BasicHomeEditor.sub.Carousel.xml have the layout for the items to be shown on BasicHome with their animation, width, height, position etc. for the Carousel layout - may be adapted to your needs
    • BasicHomeEditor.main.horz.xml and BasicHomeEditor.sub.horz.xml have the layout for the items to be shown on BasicHome with their animation, width, height, position etc. for the Horizontal (scroll) layout - may be adapted to your needs
    • BasicHomeEditor.main.text.xml and BasicHomeEditor.sub.text.xml have the layout for the items to be shown on BasicHome with their animation, width, height, position etc. for the Horizontal Text only layout - may be adapted to your needs
    In BasicHome.xml these xmls are referenced like this:
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Carousel'))">BasicHomeEditor.main.Carousel.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Carousel'))">BasicHomeEditor.sub.Carousel.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal (scroll)'))">BasicHomeEditor.main.horz.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal (scroll)'))">BasicHomeEditor.sub.horz.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal Text only'))">BasicHomeEditor.main.text.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal Text only'))">BasicHomeEditor.sub.text.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(neq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal Text only'))">BasicHomeInfoRecentlyAdded.xml</include>
      <include condition="#(eq(#hedit.mode,'Horizontal Text only'))">BasicHomeInfoRecentlyAddedText.xml</include>
    In settings_GUI_Skin.xml the BasicHomeEditor files are referenced like this:
    All BasicHomeEditor.blabla.xml have short inline documentation in their code so you may get sufficient information about how the magic works.
    You will note that I make extensive use of skin expressions, so the BasicHomeEditor is also a great example of how to use those.

    Additionally to the relevant files above are the two xmls for LMH: BasicHomeInfoRecentlyAdded.xml and BasicHomeInfoRecentlyAddedText.xml providing the lastest media information for BasicHome.

    Now it´s your turn!
    Dive into the BasicHome Editor world and have fun :D ;)
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