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    How this will work:
    1. Once a developer reaches the point in development of his feature/bugfix/rework, where it can be tested by the community, he creates an thread in this forum section
    2. There he will share information about the change itself, a changelog and provide a download link to an installer
    3. Everyone can then download this installer and test it
    4. Feedback then has to be posted inside the thread
    5. there might be more installers to test over time, depending on the test results
    6. once the change is stable, the team will plan the integration into the master (next release version)

    This means that everyone of you now has the power to speed up the development and integration of bugfixes/reworks/features into the next release version of MediaPortal. :)

    What you have to be aware of:

    1. These builds are for testing only!
      They can be highly unstable. They can cause that loss of your current installations data (database, settings, fanart, all sorts of userdata)
    2. You will not be able to upgrade to any release of MediaPortal
    3. Developers will only release a new installer when they feel it is ready - asking them continuously will not speed up the process
    4. We are looking for feedback by users who have a lot of experience with MediaPortal. This is why we restricted the ability to post a reply to users who have at least 50 posts (This limit does not apply to donors) .
    5. Any chit-chat in these threads will be removed because such just makes the threads unreadable.
    6. Users which are polluting these threads with non-helpful posts, or annoy the developers, might loose the ability to reply in that section at all.
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