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March 28, 2008
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I have a few hundred streams I would like to add to Online Videos. I have tried to add them manually and with a script to C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\OnlineVideoSites.xml. I add something like this to the end of the file
    <Site name="LiveTV" util="GenericSite" agecheck="false" enabled="true" lang="en" lastUpdated="2011-06-04T11:57:59.393Z">
      <Description>Live TV channels.</Description>
        <Category xsi:type="Group" name="GP">
            <Channel name="Test 1" thumb=""></Channel>
            <Channel name="Test 2" thumb=""></Channel>
and so on...
        <Category xsi:type="Group" name="Tennis">
            <Channel name="Test 3" thumb=""></Channel>
and so on...
But it only work with few streams, like 10, 30 or so. But when I try with 100+ it don't work anymore. Have any of you done something similar and can share any tips on how to proceed? Any limits on number of sites, categories and channels?
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    in what way doesn't it work? Can you see the complete list in mediaportal, and are not able to play them all? Or is the list not completely visible?

    Also: if you dm me the onlinevideos.xml, perhaps I could take a peek at it...

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