How to add DVB-T frequencies to MP and TV server?!? (1 Viewer)

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  • August 18, 2007
    Spain Spain
    can u ADD to the already existing frequencies, the following ones...

    <country name="Spain - C. Valenciana - Valencia">
    <carrier frequency="602000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="762000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>


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  • July 8, 2008
    Germany Germany
    Göttingen - Germany

    Found the following actual frequencies for Göttingen, Germany

    <country name="Germany - Göttingen" offset="125">
    <carrier frequency="474000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="642000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="778000" bandwidth="8" />

    Mr Smith

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    July 6, 2008
    Great program team, :D you for providing a usable solution

    you can add the following.

    - <country name="Australia - Qld - Gladstone West" offset="125">
    <carrier frequency="655500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="662500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="669500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="676500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="683500" bandwidth="7" />



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    May 27, 2006
    Finland Finland
    Country flag
    Hi! Could you add one freq for Finland - Oulu:
    <carrier frequency="602000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>

    whole list is:
    <country name="Finland - Oulu" offset="125">
    <carrier frequency="602000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="634000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="714000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="738000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>



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    August 22, 2008
    Spain Spain
    spain all regions

    HI there,

    I was looking for information to do the Spanish's All Regions list. I've done this:

    <country name="Spain – All Regions">
    <carrier frequency="474000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="482000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    .............. ETC ETC...

    I don't really know if it's working properly, beacuse wehere I live in Madrid, I can't get all my region's channels. If somebody may test it, will be better.

    Hopefully, I will help somebody.

    Thanks fo everything
    I have tested this frequencys for Spain and it is very USEFUL!!!, lots of thanks for this! I couldn't find many channels before using this becouse Mediaportal only has Spain devided in regions, but there wasn't "All Regions" one (until now:D).

    Thanks a lot!! Please add this to the list!


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    November 28, 2007
    Townsville, QLD
    Hi, can you add these for the Towsnville region in Australia

    <country name="Australia - QLD - Townsville" offset="125">
    <carrier frequency="550500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="585500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="592500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="599500" bandwidth="7" />
    <carrier frequency="620500" bandwidth="7" />



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  • September 28, 2006
    Milano, Italy
    Italy Italy
    Country flag
    committed to SVN20013:

    - Australia - QLD - Townsville
    - Finland - Oulu
    - Spain – All Region



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    July 10, 2008
    Detecting unsupported card; and country


    I made mediaportal detect my digital tv tuner card (Hauppauge Wintv-HVR 4000 Hybrid Video Recorder) by adding and saving the following code in notepad to c:/program files/team mediaportal/mediaportal/capturecarddefinitions.xml and right clicking on it and going "open with"/"notepad", adding the code after the code of another tuner card that ends with "</capturecard>" and before the code of the next tuner card that starts with "<capturecard commercialname" The method to generate code for most other cards can be found at Add_TVCard_to_natively_supported_list - MediaPortal Wiki Documentation

    <capturecard commercialname="Hauppauge HVR-4000 Digital" capturename="Hauppauge WinTV 88x TS Capture" devid="ven_14f1&ampdev_8802&ampsubsys_69020070&amprev_05">
    <capabilities tv="true" radio="false" mpeg2="true" mce="false" sw="false" bda="true"/>
    <interface cat="capture" video="2" audio="3" mpeg2="1" sectionsandtables="5"/>
    <filter cat="networkprovider" name="Microsoft DVBT Network Provider" checkdevice="false"/>
    <filter cat="tunerdevice" name="Hauppauge WinTV 88x DVB-T Tuner/Demod" checkdevice="false"/>
    <filter cat="capture" name="Hauppauge WinTV 88x TS Capture" checkdevice="false"/>
    <connection sourcefilter="networkprovider" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="tunerdevice" sinkpin="0"/>
    <connection sourcefilter="tunerdevice" sourcepin="0" sinkfilter="capture" sinkpin="0"/>

    However because I don't live in any of the supported countries to scan frequencies, (I live in New Zealand) mediaportal said to add and save code for my country (in notepad the same way as above) to c:/program files/team mediaportal/mediaportal/tuningparameters/dvbt, The code going after the end of code of another country that ends with "</country>" and before the code of the next country that starts with "<country name=" Many other countries code can be found at various pages of the mediaportal forum page

    The code to add is:

    <country name="New Zealand - All" offset="0">
    <carrier frequency="522000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="530000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="538000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="546000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="554000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="562000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="570000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="578000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="586000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="594000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="602000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="610000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="618000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="626000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="634000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="642000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="650000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="658000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="666000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="674000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="682000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="690000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="698000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="706000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="714000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="722000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="730000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="738000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="746000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="754000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="762000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="770000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="778000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="786000" bandwidth="8" />
    <carrier frequency="794000" bandwidth="8" />

    I added this code but "New Zealand" won't show on the list of countries to scan when configuring settings in mediaportal. Perhaps for other New Zealanders the above code may fix all problems with mediaportal as noone else has reported that anything more had to be done to get media portal working after adding all the above code.

    Can someone help me to get the New Zealand scan working?


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  • August 18, 2007
    Spain Spain
    chimelli hopefully u added the ones i reported earlier.

    <country name="Spain - C. Valenciana - Valencia">
    <carrier frequency="602000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>
    <carrier frequency="762000" bandwidth="8"></carrier>


    btw, great idea to create an all regions for spain. i had done it manually in my server but hadnt thought of posting it.


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  • August 18, 2007
    Spain Spain
    i just donwloaded last svn and there are some frecuencies missing for spain.

    spain all regions missing...
    858000 8mhz

    spain. c.valenciana- valencia missing...
    490000 8mhz
    602000 8mhz

    will they be added in next svn?

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