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February 3, 2012
Hi there,

my problem is that i have a lot of duplicate recordings.

Normaly i use the record function with "everywhere and everytime" for grabing every episode of this show.

In the TV server settings i can chose the matching of duplicate recordings for episode title or episode number.

After checking my xmltv epg data i noticed that those duplicate recordings or caused by not having a episode name or number. Those shows just difference in there sub title.

So it is the show "Road Trip" is in the title but the sub-tiltle says "From a to b" or "Travel to miama" or something elese.

So i normaly had to check if there are no matching episode tiltle and NO machting sub title.

But this seems not to be possible.

Can you help me with this?


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    Hi Olli,

    What part of the world are you, it doesn't show in your userinfo?

    Series and episode data varies according to country and method of grabbing EPG, so knowing where you are located would help when giving assistance.


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    February 3, 2012
    Oh yes i was reading about this plugin. But as i understand this plugin is a client side ones.

    As i´m running media portal in a server - client combination it is not useable for me to manage recordings on the client side.
    It is possible that a client is not turned on for some weeks so it will fail to update the record dates.

    I need a TV Server only solution................

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