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    Avoid CVS upgrade problems:
    1. Install RC3 and do *not* make any configuration changes
    2. Copy/Backup the installed folder for future CVS upgrades
    3. Extract the latest CVS into the MediaPortal folder and overwrite old files
    4. Execute the 'start.bat' file to (re)register any new modules
    5. Redo your entire configuration
    (This is somewhat clumbersome, but it will avoid any weird crashes reported by some users)

    Corrupt/Missing fonts can lead to unexpected crashes in Configuration.exe

    Note by infinityloop:

    If the has been changed in a cvs-snapshot, re-registering is neccessary.
    The fast way is to use the start.bat after you have extracted the CVS-Snapshot into your MediaPortal folder.
    The save way is to do it manualy.

    1. Start -> run -> cmd
    2. Unregistering old : regsvr32 -u d:/MediaPortal/
    3. Registering : regsvr32 d:/MediaPortal/
      You have to enter the correct Path to your MediaPortal installation!

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