How to connect a VCR or an XBox using Composite input? (1 Viewer)


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November 23, 2005
Hi, I have a new ATI TV Wonder Elite card and I’m using MediaPortal RC1 under windows XP Pro SP2.

All the system is working great but there is some thing that I didn’t find out how to do.

I want to use the Composite input that is available on the ATI TV Wonder Elite card to view my old VHS tapes, and I also want to use that Composite input to play with my XBox.

I tried using the Coax input with cannels 3 or 4 for the VCR and I was able to view the image but the sound was totally corrupted. And the only way to connect the XBox is thru the Composite input.

How can I use the Composite input with MediaPortal?

Thanks in advance.

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