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April 17, 2007
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Using XP pro here m8.
the mce remote receiver plugs into a usb port xp has no dramas detecting it and it runs strait away, I mapped one of the compro "magic buttons" to the programmable tv button on the mce remote so it can turn the media centere on.
the only problem I have with it is I record with the compro tv software (only Austar via svideo) so I haven't worked out how to have the blaster channel the Austar box without using MP. Once I sort the card out that'll get sorted too.
how does yours perform for finding channels and watching channels? up the rod here in Bundy my card even using the compro software doesn't find the channels and when it does they're usless to watch as they drop out.
I scored my mce remote from $50 + ~$10 freight.


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November 4, 2007
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Cheers mate,
I can't find anywhere that have the Microsoft remote in stock and being the extremely impatient individual I am, I went out and bought a Thermaltake remote instead. It's got a display which sits in the spare dvd slot in the case. Hooked it all up and it works fine, just trying to get the digital stations to tune as we speak with the software which came with the remote.
The compro software isn't too bad, I get all digital and analogue stations OK. The only issue I have which may more than likely be Windows is that every now and then the compro remote stops functioning and because this is now in effect my digital tv tuner amongst other things, I couldn't be bothered pulling out a mouse every time the pc freezes, still get a streaming picture, just can't change it!
I'll see how I go with the new remote and software, it was $149 but so far (remote functionality only) it looks great. I can always call the compro software through the new software if I really get stuck, it'd just be nice to have 1 solution.....



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December 16, 2007
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Hi Guys,

I also have the T750. I have made the change to the Capture Card Definitions XML as per the first post. On the Config, the card is showing and I can use the autoscan to find all of the digital channels.

Only problem now is when I go to My TV once Media Portal starts up. It shows a black screen for all of the digiital channels. When you double click to show full screen, it says No Signal detected.

I have double checked that all Compro software is not running at the same time. I can watch TV perfectly through the Compro software (still works) but would much prefer to use Media Portal for all of this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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