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October 30, 2006
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There are a bunch of files in my collection that have the artist tag form:
Artist1 feat. Artist2

the problem in MP is that when i use the Artist view i get:
Artist1 feat. Artist2
Artist1 feat. Artist3

So when I want to listen to all tracks by Artist1, I select Artist1... however, this now excludes all the tracks that feature another artist, since MP treats those tracks as a separate Artist

I can only find 2 solutions to this problem:
- retag all my files with separate tags for the 2 artists (not really a good solution, since the "feat." thing is pretty standard and I used musicbrainz)
- use the albumArtist view, but this isn't good either, because now any track that Artist1 has on a compilation album (Various Artists tag) is also excluded from what I want to listen to...

is there a way to get MP to consolidate all the similar Artist tags into one entry? like, ignore everything after "feat."?



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    music brainz doesn't use "artist feat. artist" as a single artist tag. However the tagger that you are using to access music brainz maybe set to combine multiple artists into a single artist tag.

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