How-to learn MCE remote imitate keyboard commands?? (1 Viewer)


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November 20, 2007
Sweden Sweden
How can I program my MCE remote to make "kayboard commands" in media player classic?

I want

red button = keyboard num pad "9"
green button = keyboard num pad "1"
yellow button = ctrl-c
blue button = alt-x

then I want paus, play, stop, fast forward, rewind etc to work aswell.

I use media player classic-home cinema version (awesome x264 1080p playback with no tearing and DVXA hardware acceleration on level 4.1 x264 .mkv movies with EVR (needs .net 3.0 to be installed to work in win XP.)

I tried HIP but the setup is very complicated... don't understand it :(


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February 1, 2007
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Hi mascot

You could have a look at IR server suite. I have found it to be an extremely flexible tool that is not too complicated too learn. Also it will allow you to fully confgure your remote control both inside Media Portal and in windows.

You can find more info and a download here

If you want to use your remote outside media portal make sure you install translator but be aware that anything mapped via translator will be active within Media portal as well as when you are on the desktop i.e. it is a global command.

To map a button simply open translator and click new - it will ask you to press the remote button you want to map. Once you have done that a new window will open with a set of tabs which enable you to select what action or actions you want to perform - for example you can blast codes via the IR transmitter, run programs, macros or set the button to emulate a keystroke.

Also I have found that the reciever from my MCE remote comined with IR server suite recognises every remote I own so I could (if I wanted) map any of my remotes for usage in windows

Have a look it im sure it will make more sense to you once you see it in action. However if you get any probs post back and ill see if I can help

hope this does what you need



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November 20, 2007
Sweden Sweden
I managed to learn it to imitate keyboard command Alt+X to close media player classic. I did learned red button and it works. I then went on to do the same thing with keys "9" and "1" on the numeric keyboard. To my surprise they don't work at all... :(

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